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1958. Born on December 18th the "School of Commerce and Administration." Started operations in a classroom provided by what was then UACH Law School, located in what are now the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters.

1963. Graduates the first generation of the FCA, with a degree in Public Accounting.

1972. Starts the Bachelor's degree in business administration.

1974. Given the increased interest in applying and the need to direct their vocation, admission tests are established covering the areas of knowledge and psychometric.

1976. Graduates the first generation in Business Administration.

1982. Starts the Specialty in Banking.

1983. The Specialty of Foreign Trade is created through an agreement with the Mexican Institute of Foreign Trade.

1985. The Faculty offers the Bachelors in Computer Systems Administration (BCSA).

1988. Specialty in Fiscal and Diploma course in Informatics is established.

1989. The Specialty in Banking becomes a diploma course and the specialty in Human Resources rises to the rank of Master degree.

1990. Graduates the first generation in Computer Systems Administration (BCSA).

1992. Doctor’s degree in Administration is approved and initiates.

1993. Diploma courses in Lifecycle Investment Projects starts.

1995. Starts the English language diploma courses, and in the month of August, the Master in Marketing and Financial Management Specialty initiate.

1996. Initiates the Master degree Human Resources Management.

1997. January. Starts the Diploma in Tax Administration, in collaboration with the National Chamber of industry and transformation.

April. It starts at the Diploma in Management Development, in collaboration with the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

May. It starts the Diploma in Labor Management in cooperation with the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry.

1998. An agreement with Sul Ross University in Alpine TX was signed in order to teach the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in our faculty, aimed to employees of maquiladoras.

March. On day 23 Undergraduate Studies Division moves to the new campus.

May. Graduate Studies Division moves to the new campus.

2000. Starts the systems graduate degree.

2001. Start graduate tax program.

2003. Starts the undergraduate degree in Financial Administration, governmental administration and Master degree in public administration. The educational programs accreditation of public accountant, business administration and Computer Systems Administration by CACECA is achieved, for a period of 5 years.

2007. Graduates the first generations of LAF and LAG.

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