The Faculty of Accounting and Administration is a public institution whose members are committed to social values, excellence and leadership. It provides comprehensive training, high competitiveness in the global context and economic administrative areas, coordinating in an optimal way the functions of teaching, research, administration and association.

Vision 2016

The Faculty of Accounting and Administration of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua will be an academic unit, with quality educational programs, relevant, equitable and efficient to meet the demands of society with opportunity and coverage.

It will be distinguished as one of the top 25 Business Schools in Mexico, for its high academic standards, with national and international standards of quality in our Degree Education Programs.

The attention to the students will be integral, providing efficient and effective educational and administrative services.

It will have a plant of competent teachers in the educational process, generation, application and dissemination of knowledge and a high level in their professional training.

It will be recognized in the country among the leading Business Schools in the link between business and academic units, on research and creation of micro and small organizations.

Will keep assured 100% of their educational programs according to the standards set by the COPAES (Council for Higher Education Accreditation) and will achieve that three of its educational programs undergraduate and Graduate Degrees have a certification and / or an international quality accreditation.

Shall perform a model of innovative, flexible and focused on learning and competence based teaching.

It will take advantage the new technologies of information, communication and learning.

Will promote international quality curricula and encourage mobility of students and teachers by exchanges.

There will be certified the quality of its main institutional management processes under ISO 9001-2008.

Will be honest in the performance of resources and be accountable to society, with respect to university regulations.